Tribunal approves release of Reports 1-4 and 6

East Devon District Council has been given the go ahead by the Information Tribunal to publish with immediate effect five reports relating to the sale of the Knowle. The information – Reports 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 – has now been added to those documents that are already published on the East Devon website. The only redactions (blacked out words) will be those that protect the confidentiality of commercial third parties involved in the Knowle sale.

All the reports relating to East Devon District Council’s relocation can be found in the Project Document Archive.

In the meantime, the council is still awaiting permission from the Tribunal to publish Reports 5, 5a and 7, which are still being deliberated. These reports are similar in format to those already released, but the content they contain still remains confidential while it is governed by the appeal process.

Commenting on the Tribunal’s approval to release further key historical documents, Deputy Chief Executive Richard Cohen said:

We are now in a position to publish information that was previously deemed confidential and we are doing so immediately, which will fill in the gaps among papers already published by the council. However, we have not had a final direction from the Tribunal on the three remaining documents. “All the documents that we have already published or are waiting permission to publish are a record of things such as operating costs, development costs and land values – now largely out of date - covering the first phase of the project from 2009-2013.