Inspector is committed to helping East Devon secure a sound Local Plan

East Devon District Council’s hearings for its draft Local Plan, which reconvened early in July, have now been concluded. At the sessions, the inspector, Mr Thickett, listened to additional evidence presented by community representatives on issues concerning gypsy and traveller provision, housing numbers and development site allocations.

Mr Thickett also considered further material relating to the council’s draft community infrastructure levy (CIL) charging schedule.

Officers are currently responding to outstanding questions posed by the inspector Mr Thickett and will submit replies for his consideration shortly. The inspector will then consider all the information and representations that he has received on the local plan - both in relation to the recent hearings and those that took place last year - and will produce a detailed report giving the findings.

Mr Thickett will also advise the council if he considers the plan to be workable and, if so, what if any modifications he believes would be necessary to achieve this. In a recent letter to the council, the inspector stated that he remains committed (as far as is appropriate to the nature of his role) to helping East Devon secure a sound plan.

Councillor Paul Diviani, Leader of East Devon District Council said:

The hearing sessions went well and we are optimistic that we have a local plan, which meets both the aspirations of the council and the local community. We are another step closer to achieving our goal of a robust, workable Local Plan, which once adopted will help support the deliverance of our five-year housing supply. We look forward to hearing from the inspector later this year.