Donated clocks will be used to create a garden of time at THG

East Devon's Thelma Hulbert Gallery needs donations of old clocks for magical Luke Jerram art installation

Have you got an old clock that you’d like to become part of an ambitious new art installation at East Devon’s Thelma Hulbert Gallery (THG) in Honiton?

After defeating other competing venues to win the chance to work with celebrated international artist Luke Jerram for this year's Museums at Night festival, staff and volunteers at THG are calling on the community to play an important part in Luke’s installation by bringing their unwanted clocks to the gallery.

Gallery Curator, Angela Blackwell praised the public's support, which saw the gallery winning the national vote and explained how they could play a major part in the actual art installation itself:

We’d like to thank the community for their incredible support and loyalty, which saw THG sweep to triumph in the public vote and has given us this fantastic opportunity to work with Luke Jerram.
"However, we need the public to help again by donating their unwanted clocks. We hope to collect a thousand clocks for Luke, which will form an installation in the gallery from 27-31 October, as part of this year's Museums at Night festival.

Luke Jerram said:

This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with an arts organisation, which I've not worked with before, on a new experimental project. It's a great privilege. Collecting hundreds of old clocks and sorting them into categories and sizes, I hope to create a garden of time. Winding pathways will draw visitors through the shifting landscape. Each area of the installation will sound different. The public will recognise some of the clocks from their home and from their past. The cacophony of clock sounds will heighten the visitor’s awareness of time passing.

If people donating clocks have a personal story or memory relating to their clock, it would be lovely to collect these memories too. Please attach a written note to the clock when you donate it or speak to a member of gallery team.

Rosie Clarke of Museums at Night said:

It was wonderful to see how the people of Devon voted for THG to win the chance to work with Luke Jerram. Luke is one of the UK’s top contemporary artists, and the mysterious 1000 Clocks installation he’s planning to create should give visitors a truly magical experience. We really hope the community will come forward and donate their clocks to become part of this unique happening.

Please note the clocks need to be donated to the gallery and cannot be returned afterwards. The clocks can be any shape or size, in perfect working order or not working at all. Following the exhibition, which may tour to other venues, the clocks will be recycled or where appropriate sold to raise money for the gallery’s community learning programme.

For more details on donating your clocks  please visit  THG on Dowell Street, Honiton or contact a member of staff on: 01404 45006 or