South West Water contractors on site

Work is being carried out on the Exmouth Beach sink hole as contractors, working on behalf of South West Water, dig down under the sand to a pipe which has possibly been blocked.

Over the last two months, the hole which measured around two metres, has opened up on a number of occasions on the beach near Orcombe Point. It usually happened after heavy rain.

Following a tip off from a member of the public, East Devon District Council engineers discovered a South West Water pipe deep under the sand and the contractors hope to be able to reach the pipe and resolve the problem.

The beach is very popular with dog walkers and bathers who are being advised to avoid the cordoned off area where the excavation work is being carried out.

Nick Christo, East Devon District Council’s StreetScene Area Manager West, said:

We’re very confident we can resolve this problem and open up that area of the beach again for everyone to enjoy.