Future looks bright for Strata

An innovative partnership which shares ICT services between East Devon, Exeter and Teignbridge Councils is marking its first anniversary this month following a very successful 12 months in business.

Over the last year, Strata, has been central to the work of the three councils by supporting the day-to-day ICT at each local authority and assisting in the development of working in new ways.

Strata is a stand-alone limited company which is owned and controlled equally by the three councils. The company is made up of ICT staff from each of the councils ensuring that vital experience and expertise is retained within the organisations.

Among Strata’s many notable successes over the last year is the completion of a new data centre and disaster recovery site, a resilient network linking all three councils directly and making significant savings on existing and new supplier contracts.

Strata is currently working on introducing a virtual desktop for all three councils to support new ways of working and will be rolling out the new technology by next year.

Before the new company started last year, the partnership won £970,000 in government funding to support the councils’ ambitions to reduce costs, improve services and transform the way they work.

Cllr Paul Diviani, Leader of East Devon District Council, said that Strata’s work had strengthened the growing partnership with Exeter and Teignbridge Councils.

He said:

Sharing the ICT service in this successful way has bought dividends for each council and has meant that we are working more closely together, bringing further efficiencies for the benefit of our residents.

I am delighted that since its formation, Strata has achieved in year one what many organisations would take years to accomplish.

Strata is carrying out this work in a timescale which quite simply could not have been achieved by any of the councils independently.

Teignbridge District Council’s Leader Cllr Jeremy Christophers, said:

Councils across Devon have a great track record in working together to create resilience, deliver cost savings and increase efficiency and productivity.

This shared service is run for the benefit of all councils, helping us benefit from better technology and a reduction in the level of risk of running increasingly complex ICT systems – something which ultimately benefits our residents.

Our three-way collaboration works well and, like Exeter and East Devon, we are keen to ensure we keep giving our residents the best possible deal by enabling staff to do the most efficient and cost effective job.

Cllr Pete Edwards, Leader of Exeter City Council, said:

Strata is a great example of how council’s can work together to deliver better services more cost efficiently. It’s been a good first year and I have every confidence that the future looks bright for Strata.