East Devon District Council remains committed to Exmouth Queen’s Drive regeneration

The regeneration of Exmouth’s Queen’s Drive site has taken a further positive step forward this week following a court ruling in relation to the Fun Park and Golf sites on the seafront.  The project is still in its early phases and specific development will be the subject of public consultation preceding any planning applications. 

The tenants of the Fun Park and Golf sites submitted an application for leave to appeal the original County Court decision made in January, which had awarded full possession of these two sites to the council. 

In January this year, the County Court (trial) judge gave his ruling on the two week court case which had taken place in November. Having ruled in favour of the council, he refused the tenants’ application for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal.   

In February 2016, the tenants then applied to the Court of Appeal for leave to appeal this decision. It is this application that has now been refused by Rt Hon Lord Justice Lewison in a decision issued on Thursday 17 March.  The tenants have now applied for an oral application for an appeal hearing.  The council is awaiting information about the date of this hearing.   

Councillor Andrew Moulding, deputy leader of East Devon District Council and chairman of Exmouth Regeneration Board, said:

This is an important step in the ongoing legal process in relation to the Queen’s Drive site and we are encouraged by the decision issued on 17 March. We are disappointed to hear that the tenant has requested an oral application hearing for an appeal as his actions are causing further delay to the delivery of new road and car park, a £4m Watersports centre and further seafront regeneration on the Queen’s Drive site.  Our developer partners remain committed to this important seafront site for the benefit of the people of Exmouth.  

The council, which owns the Queen’s Drive area, is committed to redevelop the seafront site and during 2015 had already negotiated with some of the tenants to leave the site following the serving of formal notices.