From left to right: Councillor Helen Parr, Vice Chairman, East Devon District Council, John Lacey, Councillor Stuart Hughes, Chairman, East Devon District Council

East Devon rewards employees’ loyalty and hard work

In recognition of their loyalty and hard work, three members of staff at East Devon District Council were recently presented with Service Recognition awards by the council’s Chairman, Councillor Stuart Hughes, at a meeting of full council.

Streetscene operative Neil Brown has given 30 years of unstinting service to East Devon, performing a variety of cleansing and grounds maintenance roles during this time. Neil is well liked and much respected by his Streetscene colleagues, who rate him highly for the pride he takes in his work and his outstanding helpful attitude.

Andrew Hancock, the Service Lead for Streetscene said:

Neil provides an excellent service during the summer season when it’s extremely busy – he goes about his duties in a professional and timely manner always conscious of minimising disruption to users of East Devon’s toilet facilities.  To achieve 30 years of service is a fantastic achievement and rightly so that this should be recognised.  He is without doubt an asset to the team - so thank you Neil for all your hard work over the years and long may it continue.

“Gentleman”, John Lacey has been setting an exemplary standard for the past 12 years in his role as an East Devon Civil Enforcement Officer. Part walking A-Z, part tourist information service, John is a much valued ambassador for the council. In the course of an average day, John will clear up litter, clean road signs and, if it looks likely to rain, he will even call permit holders to tell them they have left their car windows open.

Andrew Ennis, Service Lead for Environmental Health and Car Parks says that John really does embody the true meaning of the word civil while carrying out his duties.

John thoroughly understands the business of parking and moves heaven and earth to keep the operation on the road seven days per week.  He is incredibly proud of the millions of pounds that he and his colleagues bring in to enable this council to deliver its services and balance its books. In consequence our reputation in this difficult field remains second to none. During his ten years of service as a permanent member of staff (and two years as a seasonal employee) John has been a real credit to the council and by all accounts he is also a thoroughly nice chap. Thank you John.

A key player in Housing’s Support Service, Tina Cureton manages a team of 20 Mobile Support Officers (MSOs) and has a reputation for throwing herself into anything she does, whether its ensuring the well being of East Devon’s most vulnerable tenants or organizing a 12-hour sponsored spin in aid of Comic Relief.

Sue Bewes, Landlord Services Manager, says that Tina’s direct approach and blunt sense of humour, make working with her a great experience on a daily basis:

Tina works predominantly with tenants who live on our sheltered housing schemes and has always been a very popular member of the team, invoking great loyalty in her MSOs, with whom she has worked hard to shape the future of the support service. Tina is a seriously accomplished individual who is always positive and relishes a challenge.  As part of her work, she has to deal with situations that are at times complex and heart rending, but she always does this with compassion and the utmost professionalism. I would therefore like to thank Tina for her ten years of service at East Devon and to wish her the very best for the future working with us here.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Chairman of East Devon District Council said:

The council recognizes that its employees are its most valuable asset and consequently we aim to ensure that staff members are rewarded for both loyalty and length of service, while they are still in employment rather than when they leave it. Our employees deserve to be shown appreciation and the Service Recognition Scheme is a formal acknowledgement of the hard work, dedication and sheer professionalism that East Devon staff put into their daily endeavours.