An EDDC officer spraying a temporary stencil, alerting dogs owners to the ban.

Improved ‘stencil’ signs will help dog owners

East Devon District Council has improved information and signs advising visitors and residents about the seasonal dog bans on some areas of our beaches. 

This year for the first time the council is using temporary stencils at the beach entrances so that the ban areas are clear to everyone. The seasonal ban lasts from May 1st to September 30th each year. 

Cllr Iain Chubb, East Devon’s Portfolio Holder for the Environment,  said:

Not everyone wants to share our beaches with dogs and the presence of dogs in ban areas can cause distress to others, so we are asking that all dog owners and walkers respect other beach users and abide by the signs.

The council continues to provide information about the importance of clearing up dog waste and disposing of it in the bins.  New labels will soon be appearing on litter bins showing that bagged dog waste can be left in them too.

The council’s environmental protection team has issued a number of fixed penalty notices recently to people who have been seen allowing their dogs to foul or taking them into areas where they are not allowed.  The various controls are there for a reason and are supported by the local communities, so the council is asking everyone to respect them.

The team is keen to receive information about anyone seen not complying with dog controls.   The team often gets asked if we know why some people throw their bagged dog waste in bushes or hang the bags from trees.  The reason for this is something of a mystery to all of us.  Of course this always looks unsightly so that in itself must be a reason not to do it, but even apparently bio-degradable bags will remain for several months or years.  They are a hazard to wildlife as well as people.  The legal requirement is to pick up the waste and take it with you, wherever you walk your dog.

Further information can be found here.