Survey being carried out on behalf of Exmouth Coastal Community Team

A visitors survey is being carried out in Exmouth by an independent team of researchers over the next few months as part of an initiative by the town’s Coastal Community Team.

The study will provide key information about the Exmouth visitor economy and will involve a team of trained interviewers speaking face to face to around 1,000 people visiting the town from this month to October.

The Exmouth Coastal Community Team was established last year and its aim is to raise the town’s economic potential. The team is a local partnership which includes East Devon District Council and a range of people and businesses from Exmouth who have an understanding of the issues facing the area.

Earlier this year the team - one of more than 100 coastal community organisations across the country – submitted an economic plan to the Government detailing how it intends to reinvigorate the town, to help make Exmouth a more attractive and growing destination to visit, live and work in for years to come.

The proposals were given the green light by the Government last month and the visitors survey is just one of the initiatives within the plan.

The research, which is being carried out by the South West Research Company Ltd, will give the team useful information around Exmouth’s leisure visitor profile and experience.

Visitors will be asked about the purpose of a visit, length of stay, type and location of accommodation used, visitor behaviour, expenditure and satisfaction.

The results of the survey will be reported back to the team at the end of the year and will be used to inform local projects and economic initiatives.