L-R Richard Cohen - East Devon District Council Deputy Chief Executive, Councillor Stuart Hughes - Chairman of East Devon District Council, Councillor Jeff Turner - Chairman of Sidmouth Town Council and Sidmouth town clerk Chris Holland

Sidmouth Town and East Devon District Councils chairmen meet on site

A meeting has been held on site at Sidmouth seafront between the chairmen of Sidmouth Town  and East Devon District Councils to discuss the next steps in the development process and renewal of Port Royal.

Pictured are local councillors Jeff Turner (second right) Chairman of Sidmouth Town Council, and Stuart Hughes (second left), Chairman of East Devon District Council (EDDC) who were joined on site by Richard Cohen EDDC deputy chief executive (left) and Sidmouth town clerk Chris Holland (right).

The discussions followed a positive town council meeting earlier this month where Alison Hayward, EDDC Head of Regeneration and Economic Development, gave a presentation on the processes and stages necessary in a complex regeneration project. Mr Cohen was also there to discuss specifics about the way forward for Port Royal.

Sidmouth Town Council will be at the forefront of the renewal process with EDDC providing professional support. Both organisations are the key landowners in the area.

Both councils have agreed to share the cost of a scoping exercise, which will mark the first stage of several involved in a complex renewal project. This early stage is designed to identify the boundaries and ownership, the needs of existing occupants and the potential future uses in consultation with the local community. Understanding the potential development market and sources of funding will be an essential element of the scoping study report.

The next step will be in the autumn when the two councils will finalise the terms of reference around the work and commission expert advice.

Cllr Turner said:

 This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the Port Royal area up to the visual and amenity quality that the rest of Sidmouth enjoys.

Cllr Hughes added:

As a district, town and county councillor, I have a multiple interest in getting the very best out of this part of our Regency town.