Seaton’s horizon framed by giant waves

A ‘Waves’ sculpture which invites spectators to consider the power of the sea and its relationship with the land has been installed on Seaton seafront

The sculpture is part of the Discovery Points trail from Devon’s newest visitor attraction Seaton Jurassic which opened at Easter. The trail consists of four sculptures in the natural environment in and surrounding Seaton. The set of artworks aims to encourage visitors to the new tourist attraction to spend more time in the town and connect with nature.

Following the trail explorers learn more about the wildlife and geology of each location. The route takes people to the Seaton Wetlands, Axe Undercliffs, Seafront and Seaton Hole.

The stargazing circle on the Wetlands was installed in autumn 2015 and sculptures at Seaton Hole and the Undercliffs are expected to be finished later this month.

Seaton Jurassic Centre Manager, Mike Ruiter said:

Seaton is host to some spectacular natural assets, which are unfortunately largely hidden gems. This trail of artworks gives us the opportunity to attract new visitors to the town and make Seaton famous for its natural environment.

Mike added:

Each location is interpreted by the same team behind Seaton Jurassic and extends the journey of our visitors into the landscape surrounding the centre. We love our story of time travel and survival, by taking that story outside we invite people to discover what makes Seaton such a great place.

Cllr Marcus Hartnell from East Devon District Council said:

With the opening of Seaton Jurassic we have created a high quality offer to attract more visitors to the town. These sculptures add to that offer and encourage people to explore all that Seaton has to offer.