Event organised by EDDC tenants for EDDC tenants

A recent conference for East Devon District Council tenants tackled a wide range of issues from support in sheltered accommodation to the planned maintenance work being carried out in the homes of tenants.

The annual event was organised by a group of tenants for tenants and they set the theme – ‘Supporting You’– for the day, inviting the speakers, arranging the agenda and all the activities.

Peter Sullivan, a Sidmouth tenant, chaired the event at the Ocean complex in Exmouth which was attended by around 80 people, including tenants, district council officers and councillors.

Sue Bewes, East Devon District Council’s (EDDC)  Landlord Services Manger explained to the conference about the council’s 30 year business plan and spoke about the support charges for sheltered accommodation, explaining what help is available for tenants.

Mark Dale, a senior Senior Technical Officer from the council outlined information about fire regulations in flats, the planned maintenance work carried out in tenants flats and the work of the Repairs & Maintenance Service Review group and along with the Tenant Inspectors.

Council recycling officers Steve Maclure and Lorna Christo explained about the new recycling service which the council is introducing next year where residents will be able to recycle more than ever before. The council is rolling out the service from February 2017 starting in Exmouth.

All residents will be able to collect cardboard, mixed plastics, cartons/Tetra Paks and small electrical items as well as their current recycling. All recycling and food waste will be collected every week from the kerbside. With less rubbish in waste bins, refuse will be collected every three weeks. Residents will be kept informed of the changes through regular mailouts from early in the New Year.

Conference delegates later took part in a ‘quick connections’ event where council officers moved from table to table to answer questions from tenants. Those attending enjoyed being able to speak with and question staff members face to face about their service area.

Community and staff awards were presented to people who tenants thought deserved recognition for the work they do for others.

The first award for a tenant, nominated by tenants and staff, for the help they give to neighbours or to the wider community went to Nigel Martin of Fraser Road, Exmouth. Nigel’s 81-year-old neighbour Mrs Hamilton nominated him for being such a good neighbour over 15 years – all while looking after his own family too. 

The award to a member of staff nominated by tenants and other staff members, for the friendly, efficient and helpful customer service they provide went to Charlie Cole, an EDDC Mobile Support Officer in Exmouth. Charlie has been very helpful and supportive, especially last Christmas where he and his family provided, bought, prepared and cooked a beautiful meal for a large number of our tenants who would have otherwise spent Christmas Day alone. 

The conference committee wants to thank all the tenants, staff, councillors and guests who attended the conference.  A big thank the venue staff and Eat for England for providing excellent service throughout the day, also EDDC for their commitment to tenant involvement provision, by listening to and acting upon their tenants views.