The East Devon District Council Countryside team suggest ways you can encourage wildlife into your garden.

Top tips from East Devon District Council’s Countryside team to encourage wildlife in your garden

Have you got a wildlife friendly space in your garden? If not, why not take part in ‘Wild about Gardens’ week (24 to 30 October 2016) and use some top tips from East Devon District Council’s Countryside team to encourage more wildlife in.

Wildlife researchers discovered in 2013 that 60% of UK animal and plant species have declined in the last 50 years. ‘Wild About Gardens’ week aims to raise the profile of garden wildlife in the 15 million gardens in the UK.

The East Devon District Council’s Countryside team suggests a range of ideas and simple steps you can take in your garden to help make your garden more wildlife friendly.

Why not:

  • Introduce a compost heap – Compost heaps are full of insects which feed birds, hedgehogs, bats and toads.
  • Leave a pile of wood – Hedgehogs and insects may build homes under the wood. Logs can also encourage slow worms (a predator of the slug) to seek shelter.
  •  Plant flowers – Wildflowers and lots of plants and herbs provide a great source of nectar and pollen for butterflies, hoverflies and bees.
  • Go wild – Allow nettles and weeds to take over a corner of your garden. Wild areas provide hiding places for small creatures.

Cllr Iain Chubb, East Devon District Council’s Environment Portfolio holder, said:

It’s so important that we encourage wildlife in our gardens. Without insects and pollination, many of the fruits, vegetables and flowers we know would disappear. The Countryside team run events and manage local wildlife reserves across East Devon. Places such as the Wildlife Garden at Seaton Wetlands provide inspiration for visitors to take ideas to their own gardens. This includes recycled baths as ponds, wooden pallets to create bug hotels and grass patches allowed to grow long. Wild About Gardens Week is a fantastic reminder that there are small steps we can all take to help nature thrive in our neighbourhoods.’’

Wild About Gardens Week 2016 is a joint initiative by the Royal Horticultural Society, The Wildlife Trusts and the Bat Conservation Trust to encourage people to support wildlife in their gardens, with a focus on increasing wildlife for UK bats.

To find out more about the East Devon District Council Countryside team please visit, alternatively contact the team via email: or phone: 01395 517557.