Charlie Mundy with one of the council’s new ‘Watch this Space’ posters to promote the new recycling and waste service which begins in the Exmouth area from February 2017

Young Charlie Mundy helps EDDC spread the word about exciting new recycling and waste service to be introduced in 2017

Four-year-old Charlie Mundy is helping East Devon District Council (EDDC) send a special message to Exmouth residents about important changes to recycling and waste collections which are to be introduced in the area from February 2017.

Over the next few days, posters and banners will be appearing across the Exmouth area, in halls and shops, the library and schools, inviting residents to ‘Watch this Space’ and learn more about the extra items they can recycle when the great new service is introduced.

As part of the ‘Watch this Space’ campaign, the council has produced six different posters featuring cut out images of the sort of items residents will soon be able to recycle - such as a yoghurt pot, egg box, orange juice carton, a cereal box, an electric iron and a plastic container for strawberries.

The new service is being introduced in two separate phases across East Devon next year – firstly in the Exmouth area in February and then to the rest of the district from June.

For the first time, residents will be able to collect cardboard, mixed plastics, cartons/Tetra Paks and small electrical items along with the extensive number of other items they can already recycle; all this will be collected, along with food waste, every week from the kerbside by EDDC contractors SUEZ.  As householders will be able to recycle more and throw away less bulky rubbish, grey wheeled waste bins will be collected every three weeks.

Residents have been asking the council, through surveys, to help them recycle more and waste less for some time and last year more than 1300 households in two East Devon areas trialled the new service. The trials in Exmouth (The Colony) and new Feniton, proved so successful, that residents asked for the service to continue.

Young Charlie’s family, who live in Exmouth, were among the households who took part in the trial and Charlie’s mum Kara is a keen supporter of the changes which mean she can recycle more and waste less.

Kara, who has two young children, said:

I’ve become a recycling convert! We can recycle so much more and it’s collected weekly. I can easily put the lid down on my wheelie bin now – and that’s after three week’s worth of rubbish. It’s absolutely fine.

People may say that being able to recycle cardboard and waste shouldn’t make this much difference – but it does. There’s so much cardboard and plastic in packaging these days. I love the new service and I don’t want it to go back to how it was before.

Over the next few weeks the council’s recycling team will be holding roadshows and other activities in the Exmouth area as part of an extensive public awareness campaign explaining the new service to residents. Early in the New Year all households in the Exmouth area will receive through the post, vital information about the new service including the start date, a recycling and waste collection calendar, a list of the items they can recycle and tops tips on how they can recycle more.

All residents will be given an additional 75 litre reusable sack for their extra recycling which they can use alongside their green recycling box and blue food caddy. These containers will be collected from the kerbside every week, and grey wheeled waste bins will be collected every three weeks.

Residents may also see new  purpose built  lorries in the area, which  store dry recycling in separate compartments, as  SUEZ staff prepare the new vehicles for the new service to start.

Councillor Iain Chubb, the council’s portfolio holder for the Environment, said that the Watch this Space campaign was a great way to get the new service noticed.

He said:

The posters are an excellent way for our residents to look at what they will soon be able to recycle as part of the new service. You’ll soon be seeing the ‘Watch this Space’ posters and banners in many public areas of the town, so do take a look.

We are here to help our residents through these changes and we will have a dedicated team of officers who will be out on the streets of our district giving advice and assisting wherever they can when the service begins. We are also holding roadshows in the area where you can come along and have a chat with our recycling officers who will be only too pleased to help.

Over the next few months, information on the changes to the service will be available on the council’s website with a complete list of frequently asked questions and top tips on how to recycle more.

The council also has a really useful smart phone app which will send reminders about recycling and waste collection days tailored to your own address. The East Devon mobile app is free and is available to download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.