Check on single person discounts leads to 474 discounts being stopped

East Devon householders who claim a council tax discount for living alone are being asked to alert the district council if their circumstances changes after a review last year led to more than 470 discounts being cancelled.

As part of East Devon District Council’s measures to protect the public purse, sophisticated data-matching technology is now being used to ensure that residents are still entitled to their single person discount. The review was jointly funded by the council, Devon County Council, Devon & Cornwall Police and Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Authority who each receive a portion of the council tax.

As a result of the review, 474 discounts were cancelled in East Devon as it was found that people’s circumstances had changed, generating an extra £182,295.28 per year in council tax income to spend on services. East Devon receives approximately 8% of this council tax income.

Councillor Ian Thomas, East Devon District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Finance, said:

We would ask everyone who receives this discount to double
check that it still applies to them, and if it doesn’t then they must make the council aware. We want to ensure that only people who are entitled to receive the discount are getting it so that it’s fair for everyone.

The council will continue to carry out checks to ensure that discounts are only awarded to customers who are entitled to receive them. Knowingly misleading the council by falsely claiming a discount you are not entitled to may lead to prosecution.

If there has been a change in your circumstances and you are no longer entitled to receive a discount, please contact the Customer Services Team on 01395 517446 or email