Council invites people interested in building their own homes to submit their details to the Self Build Register, to help ascertain demand for self-build plots in East Devon

In response to a Government directive, East Devon District Council has created a new Self Build Register for people who might want to build their own home, or have one built for them, in East Devon.

The Government wants to encourage more people to build their own homes as an alternative to buying a new house, as designing your own home and potentially doing some of the building work yourself can be an economical way to acquire a house built to your own specification. The Self Build Register will enable people to give details of their exact needs and wishes, including where they want to build, what size and what type of house they would like.

In turn, the register will help the council find out more about where people want to build in East Devon and will help them develop the council’s housing and planning policies. It will also allow the council to decide how many self-build plots are needed and will mean that the council can contact people on the register to let them know of self and custom build opportunities in the district as and when they arise.

Already 34 aspiring self builders have had their names added to the East Devon Self Build Register and many more are anticipated to come forward over the next 12 months.

People can apply by completing one of the forms available on the East Devon web site and can either email or post it to the council’s planning policy team

Being on the register does not commit applicants to anything and details of the register will not be publically available, although information such as how many people are on the register and where they are seeking a plot will be published.

The council does not currently own land that it has identified for self build or custom house building and a place on the register does not guarantee that a suitable plot will be identified, or become available.

Commenting on the Self Build Register, Councillor Andrew Moulding, Deputy Leader of East Devon District Council and portfolio holder for strategic development and partnerships said:

We want to encourage people to put their names on the Register and we welcome applications from individuals, family groups and self-build associations (groups of people interested in building their own homes), which can help to make self build more affordable. The details will be held in confidence and will be used in statistical reports, which could help create more opportunities for the kinds of projects people are interested in.