"We are improving and we will continue to improve," says Cllr Diviani in his message for Christmas 2016

Relocation and evolution of efficient, innovative services remains a priority for district council vows Cllr Paul Diviani in his Christmas message

We are improving and we will continue to improve in order to provide the people of East Devon with the best possible services.

That’s the message being given by Councillor Paul Diviani, Leader of East Devon District Council in the run up to Christmas.

The next four years will continue to be challenging for public services and local communities. East Devon is no different from other local authorities and we will continue to face financial pressures as central government reduces our funding and the demands on our services increases.

The challenge we face is no longer how to do more for less, but instead how we can deliver our services in new and innovative ways.

We must evolve from being service providers and instead become enablers, which includes helping to support communities to come together so they can do more for themselves.

We will continue to transform service delivery with the benefit of new technologies and we will also continue to make sure our services are always improving through our ‘systems thinking’ approach. We will also be focusing on a more commercial approach to delivering our services, but at the same time we will ensure that this is balanced against providing value and full benefit to our communities.

Through our relocation to Honiton and Exmouth we will seize every opportunity to improve the delivery and accessibility of services whenever and wherever possible, yet at the same time we must deliver the £2.6m savings that central government require us to make.

Our ambition is to be an outstanding council, which works together with local people to create great value services and an outstanding community, economy and environment for East Devon, both now and for future generations.

Everything we do is aimed at making East Devon a place where people want to live and work, as well as a top destination for visitors to come and enjoy.