Leading councillor reassures valued council tenants that ‘we will not tolerate anyone who causes them distress or harassment’

East Devon District Council has evicted two tenants from council properties for persistent anti-social behaviour which included harassing neighbours, verbal abuse and causing criminal damage.

The council adopts a strong stance when dealing with anti-social behaviour and following warnings to the tenants on several occasions, the council was awarded possession of the properties by a County Court judge. The tenants were evicted shortly afterwards.

In Exmouth, the tenant of a one bedroom flat in Littleham subjected local residents to five months of unacceptable behaviour with incidents of loud noise and music, verbal abuse, threats to neighbours, criminal damage, intimidation and assaults. In Honiton, neighbours complained of harassment and noise by the tenant of a two bedroom flat. 

Both tenants ignored all warnings and refused to engage with the council or the police.

Councillor Jill Elson, the council’s portfolio holder for housing, said:

The decision to evict a tenant is not taken lightly and we have worked hard with a number of agencies, including the police, to engage with these people over their unacceptable behaviour.

Our actions demonstrate that the council takes a tough line in dealing with anti social behaviour and I want to reassure our valued tenants that we will not tolerate anyone who causes them distress or harassment. I look forward to welcoming new tenants to these homes.