New Year and new opportunities to have your say on Exmouth’s Queen’s Drive

Council applies for extended planning permission for seafront site

Exmouth people are being reassured that they will have at least five separate opportunities to have their say on what will be developed at Queen’s Drive.

2017 promises to be the year that the future of the seafront site, which has been the subject of much debate over the years, will start to take shape and the council has reaffirmed that the people of Exmouth will be at the very centre of any proposals for development which are put forward.

The council is currently applying for extended planning permission for Queen’s Drive which will enable it to move forward and work with the community to develop new, modern leisure attractions for Exmouth people, businesses and tourists alike. This application does not include any residential development.

The extended planning permission will go before the council’s Development Management Committee in the next few months and once determined, will pave the way for proposals to build a £4 million water sports centre in the spring.

Before any development can happen, the watersport centre developers Grenadier Estates will be putting their plans before the public and will be fully consulting with the community before applying for permission. The views of the public will be reflected in the proposed plans that will go before the council’s planners and further consultation will be carried out by the district council before any decision is made.

Once planning consent is approved for the watersport centre,  the council will then start to move the Queen’s Drive road and car park – phase 1 of the project - to make way for the centre to be built (phase 2).

New ideas are being sought for the third phase of developing the site and the council is keen to ensure that Exmouth residents have their say on what happens there so that the town can keep pace with the times and offer all-year-round attractive facilities which are already on offer at other seaside resorts. Proposals for this final phase of the project could include holiday accommodation or possibly a hotel. Throughout this phase of the project, there will be three further opportunities for the public to have their say on the future of the site.

The council has produced an info graphic to help people understand the future consultation and proposed development of the site.

Cllr Phil Skinner, Chairman of the Exmouth Regeneration Board, said:

Exmouth is our biggest town and it is changing as it grows.  Investment in Queen’s Drive will create new attractions, jobs and business for the town as well as enhancing the quality of the seafront as the Premier Inn and the Ocean have already done.

We want to move forward with this planning application so that we can open up the beach by moving the car park and road then build out a magnificent watersports centre.  Everyone will get to give their ideas on a new vision for the final phase of changes to the site.