Scoping study by consultants will provide feedback to help determine Sidmouth regeneration development

Key members from the Port Royal Project Reference Group met last week to appoint Jillings Heynes Planning to carry out the initial scoping exercise for Port Royal.

In this type of study, the consultants will determine what types of development are possible and viable, as well as what kinds of ideas there are for the site. They will use feedback from their own research as well as ideas being gathered through previous studies, current consultations such as the Neighbourhood Plan and through the consultation that will be organised through the new study.

Jillings Heynes Planning is a well established business based in Exeter and was selected particularly because of the range of skills the firm offered, with previous similar experience and knowledge of the area.

The next stage will be for the town council to arrange a meeting between members of the Port Royal Project Reference group and Jillings Heynes to discuss the scope of the work that the consultants will carry out.

Councillor Jeff Turner, Chairman of Sidmouth Town Council said:

It will be great to get this scoping exercise underway and completed. We anticipate that we will be able to report back on the findings in the summer.