Plastic mountain! Stuart Jellings, SUEZ Senior Contract Manager and Sarah Ottaway, SUEZ Municipal Recycling Manager standing in a mountain of plastics collected from Exmouth.

We’ve collected 20% more recycling compared to the old service

Householders living in Exmouth have made a fantastic effort in the first week of a new improved recycling service by collecting 20% more recyclables compared to the old service.

Now that East Devon District Council has extended the number of items that Exmouth residents can collect, its contractor SUEZ collected more than 82 tonnes of recycling at the kerbside from almost 17,000 households on the first day of the new service last Thursday (February 16).

It’s the most recycling that’s ever been collected in the town and a 20% increase on last week. The achievement of residents has won praise from the council.

Cllr Iain Chubb, the council’s portfolio holder for the Environment, said he was delighted with the first week’s results.

I would like to personally thank each and every resident in Exmouth who has taken the time and effort to bring about such a great first week. It’s gone beyond our expectations and we are thrilled.

Householders across East Devon have been asking us to help them recycle more and waste less for some time now and the response from Exmouth this week has proved to us that this is a service that people really want.

Exmouth residents can now collect cardboard, mixed plastics, cartons/Tetra Paks and small electrical items as well as their usual recycling items which include food waste, cans, foil, aerosols, paper, magazines, glass bottles and jars, textiles such as shoes and towels and household batteries. Recycling and food waste is collected every week from the kerbside and grey wheeled waste bins are collected every three weeks.

Exmouth is in the first phase of a two-phase roll out of the new service which will be introduced to the rest of East Devon later this year from June 12.

Careful planning has gone in to introducing the new service in the town and while the new service settles down over the next few weeks, the council and SUEZ are advising that there could be limited disruption in the short term.

Cllr Chubb added:

Any change to a service as important as recycling and waste involving almost 17,000 households, including 119 blocks of flats, and more than 450 streets will bring some teething problems at the start. We have worked hard with our contractor SUEZ to minimise any disruption, but there will inevitably be a small number of issues initially as everyone gets used to the changes.

Our letters contain information specific to each household and I would urge residents to read them carefully, keep them to hand and please use them to help you separate recycling in to the correct containers. We’re here to help and if you need assistance, please contact us. We will have a dedicated team of recycling advisors working alongside the SUEZ collection crews who will be out on the streets of the town giving advice and assisting wherever they can.

Further information about the new service is available on the council website and through the council’s social media service. Follow us @eastdevon on twitter and on Facebook at East Devon District Council.

If you need assistance or advice with the new service, please contact us on 01395 571515.