New PSPOs to be introduced to tackle antisocial behaviour in Exmouth town centre

For many years, there has been a Designated Public Place Order to control the consumption of alcohol at The Strand and Manor Gardens in Exmouth, and the Market Place and Esplanade in Sidmouth.

But now East Devon District Council has to incorporate these existing orders into new Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs). During this process, the council is considering making some changes and would like to hear what people think about the new PSPOs and the proposed changes.

It is important that members of the public give the council feedback about the new proposed PSPOs so that their opinions can be taken into consideration.

To find out about the proposals and to take part in the consultation before it concludes on 13 March 2017, visit our website.

For a paper copy of the consultation - or any other format - please email or call 01395 571456.

The requirements relating to alcohol, as under the previous Designated Public Place Orders, will remain the same. However, there will be additional requirements to tackle the use of intoxicating substances in Exmouth and Sidmouth, and other antisocial behaviour the Exmouth policing team have asked for:

  • In Exmouth, the proposals relate to the possession of intoxicating substances (including alcohol), urination and defecation, aggressive begging and behaving in a way likely to cause harassment or intimidation. The proposal will also give police officers the power to disperse groups of people behaving in this way.
  • In Sidmouth, the proposal will just relate to the possession of intoxicating substances (including alcohol).
  • The police will be able to request the surrender of intoxicating substances, and will be able to ask groups of people to disperse if they are acting in an intimidating way.  Fixed penalty notices can be issued to people not complying with the other requirements of the order.

Once the consultation period has ended the council will consider the comments made and where appropriate will amend its proposals. The final orders will then be agreed with councillors with the intention that they will be in place before 1 May 2017.