More than 50 suggestions received

Ideas for something new at Exmouth’s Orcombe Point have been flooding in since the council put out an appeal for suggestions earlier this month.

Local Councillor Mark Williamson, who has been gathering together the responses, has received more than 50 submissions from people coming up with ideas for what they want to happen there. 

Some people offered their own ideas on the kind of design and what a café should sell, others have pointed toward their favourite cafes elsewhere as examples and some people have offered to run the business as well.

Cllr Williamson said he was delighted that so many people took the time to send him their views. He said:

This is a much loved area of the seafront and so much thought has gone in to the suggestions we have received. There are some great ideas there. I’d like to thank everyone who put their views forward.

We asked if people felt it was time we had a café back at this end of the seafront and what people would like to see soon and in the longer term. There were several common threads. People would like to see locally sourced food and they want it associated with the start of the Jurassic Coast.

There were many suggestions about other successful beach cafes we should look at. Personally I loved some of the really interesting ideas like a building shaped as a dinosaur. And I have every sympathy with a lady who suggested a lift to the cafe and then onwards to the Geoneedle.

Cllr Williamson is now sending the ideas on to the Exmouth Regeneration Board so that they can be considered.

East Devon District Council has set aside a budget for the coming financial year that can help to bring a café back to the site and in the short term the council would like to get a café concession up and running for the coming season. 

The council will keep Exmouth people in touch with what is happening at Orcombe Point as things happen.