Council’s car park next to Seaton Jurassic visitor attraction now has cameras to help deter anti-social activities

New CCTV surveillance installed by East Devon District Council in Seaton’s long stay car park, adjacent to the hugely popular visitor attraction Seaton Jurassic, has officially gone live today (31 March 2017).

The council decided to introduce CCTV surveillance to its long stay car park, which is owned and managed by the district authority, after residents complained about ongoing problems with vehicle related anti-social behaviour in the car park.

Residents have expressed concern about pedestrian safety within the car park, as well as fears for road safety, arising from vehicles exiting into the Underfleet road at high speeds. Loud revving engines and sounding horns have been described by both residents and customers using the car park as a nuisance. East Devon hopes that the presence of CCTV cameras will act as an effective deterrent to the perpetrators of these intimidating anti-social actions.

Having held discussions with the police, local councillors and residents, the council decided that a CCTV system was the most appropriate response to this recurring problem, which has become more noticeable due to the recent popularity of Seaton Jurassic, which has contributed to turning this once under used asset into a popular and busy parking facility.

The council is aware that there has been an ongoing issue at this location for around 35 years and that although local education and enforcement initiatives have brought some success, the problems have always returned. 

The CCTV surveillance system will provide high quality images, which will identify vehicle registration numbers and will capture a clear image of the driver together with a clear recording of any vehicle manoeuvres being performed within the car park, as well as the driving style in which the car park is being entered and exited.

Councillor Marcus Hartnell, East Devon District Council’s lead councillor for Seaton, said:

It is our genuine hope is that the CCTV system will be effective in discouraging further misuse of this car park. However, if vehicle related anti-social behaviour does continue, we will now be able to give the police good quality evidence to support reasonable and proportionate enforcement action against the offenders.