Residents encouraged to have their say on Parish’s Plan that will inform planning decisions as part of East Devon Development Plan

East Devon District Council would like to remind local residents living in the parish of Dunkeswell that they have until 10 May 2017 in which to have their say on the Neighbourhood Plan, which Dunkeswell Parish Council has submitted to East Devon District Council.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning policy document that will be used by the District Council’s Development Management team when considering planning applications within the Parish. The District Council is formally required to consult on the Plan for six weeks before it goes to an Independent Examiner, who will inspect the plan against a series of ‘basic conditions’ that the plan must meet.

Should the Examiner conclude that the plan meets the basic conditions it will proceed to a local referendum, where should more than half of the electors in the local area vote in favour of the plan, it will become part of the statutory development plan for East Devon.

The plan and its supporting documents can be viewed on the East Devon website together with a comments form, which the council is encouraging those wanting to make a representation to use. The consultation runs until the 10 May 2017 and the content of any representations received will be made publicly available on the website with copies also sent to the Examiner for consideration.

The Dunkeswell Plan has been under production since October 2012 by a small group of local volunteers and tackles a variety of topics, including protecting the countryside, promoting live-work units and supporting the continued use of the Dunkeswell Airfield. Should the examination be successful, it will go to a local community referendum. This is the eighth neighbourhood plan in East Devon to reach this stage of the process following a recent flurry of activity.

Commenting on the Dunkeswell Neighbourhood Plan, Mark Williams, the Chief Executive of East Devon District Council, said:

I want to congratulate all those involved in working on the Dunkeswell Neighbourhood plan. Having read the final draft it sets out very clearly the planning policies, which support the aim of 'vibrant, resilient and sustainable community'. It seems to strike the right balance between economic growth and the preservation of the countryside. I look forward to watching it progress to referendum and, hopefully, adoption.