Robin’s nest leads to re-ordering of demolition programme on East Devon District Council-owned site

Robin and chicks now flown the nest and work on building can continue

A robin’s nest discovered in a building due to be demolished led to the rescheduling of works on an East Devon District Council-owned site in Seaton.

The tiny nest was tucked away behind the fascia board of the old Marsh Garage building at the former Colyford Road depot in the town. The robin and her clutch of chicks were found when a nesting bird survey was carried out in the building which is a legal requirement before a building is to be demolished.

Jay Lambe, the council’s service lead for regeneration and property, said:

The nest was hidden away so at first it wasn’t so easy to find. We think though that the hen was feeding at least three chicks in the nest and we didn’t want to disturb this little family.

The building was due to be demolished but just a few days before starting the work, the nest was discovered so we rescheduled the order of works on site so as not to intrude. The robin and her chicks have flourished and the ecology expert from Devon Wildlife Trust believes that they have now flown the nest so we will be able to start the demolition works shortly.

Rescheduling the works did not cost the authority any more, although the timings for the demolition may mean that the work will be completed a few days later than originally planned.

The site is being cleared to make way for a development of 14 workshop units which are expected to be available for use from autumn 2018.

For further information about the units, please contact East Devon District Council’s Property Services Team on 01395 517416 or email