Cranbrook library volunteers show of new Cranbrook Healthy Town books

A new range of wellbeing books are available for Cranbrook residents in the town's library thanks to the Cranbrook Healthy Town scheme.

Residents of Cranbrook can now borrow a range of new books that support adult mental wellbeing from the town’s library, all of which have been paid for by the Cranbrook Healthy Town scheme.

The thirty new ‘Reading Well Books’ have been bought by Cranbrook Healthy Town and are part of a national scheme run by the Reading Agency to help support mental wellbeing.

The books valued at around £360 are on topics including common mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, phobias and some eating disorders and have been funded by NHS England’s Healthy New Town programme.

John Cann, Cranbrook library volunteer said:

We are really pleased to have these new books which will help Cranbrook residents with their wellbeing.  The books are really interesting covering a wide range of topics that will help people understand warning signs to look out for in themselves and people close to them, as well as suggesting routes to a happy and healthy life.

Come along and have a look.  You will also discover more about our wide range of library services.

Mark Williams, Chief Executive of East Devon District Council, said:

I am thrilled to see how Cranbrook’s Healthy Town programme is helping residents in lots of different ways. 

We want our communities to be happy and healthy. Providing these self-help books for residents to borrow from the library will support their health and wellbeing for years to come.

Reading Well books have been selected by experts with professional and personal experience. The list is endorsed by health organisations including NHS England and Public Health England, and is delivered through public libraries.

The scheme had reached 635,000 people in its first three years. The scheme Reading Well “Books on Prescription” was launched in 2013 with a list for adult. The scheme recommends 30 titles that provide helpful information and step-by-step self-help techniques.

Books can be recommended by GPs or other health professionals. People can also choose a book from their local library without a professional recommendation.

The books have been funded by East Devon District Council via NHS England’s healthy new towns programme.