East Devon pay and display ticket machines will now only accept new £1 coins

Council reminds customers that only new £1 coins are valid when purchasing a pay and display parking ticket

Following a six-month transitional period (when both old £1 and new £1 coins could be used), East Devon District Council’s pay and display car parking ticket machines now only accept the new £1 coins.

Notices have been placed on all East Devon’s ticket machines reminding customers that the old £1 will no longer be accepted when making a ticket purchase.

When the new £1 coin was introduced earlier this year, East Devon District Council’s car parks team were already well prepared, having invested £5,900 in new coin mechanisms for the majority of its ticket machines prior to 28 March 2017 – the actual date of introduction. 

However, although some companies and other local authorities had to stop accepting the old £1 coins earlier this year, East Devon calibrated its machines to accept both coins, right through the summer until the beginning of October in preparation for the old £1 coins ceasing to be legal tender on the 15 October.  

Cllr Tom Wright, East Devon District Council’s portfolio holder for the environment said:

We are proud of our car parks here in East Devon and we know how important they are for our communities, our local businesses and our visitors. The £1 coin is by far and away the most popular coin used by our customers and I am delighted to say that our staff planned ahead and offered a seamless six-month transition period between the old and new coins. The new coin is welcome because of the number of counterfeit old coins that were in circulation and while £5,900 was a significant investment, it was a necessary business decision and the calm and efficient way in which the team managed the transition behind the scenes cannot be faulted.