Dredging of Axmouth Harbour will help safeguard this vital local East Devon amenity (photo Ian Pain)

Removal of silt at Axmouth Harbour will help safeguard this important local amenity

Axmouth Harbour will shortly be relieved of quantities of naturally accumulated silt during a three phase programme of dredging work, which will be undertaken over the coming months by the Axe Yacht Club in conjunction with the Axe Harbour Management Company.

The silt will be removed from the harbour and deposited within reception trenches that have already been dug on the adjacent beach to the West of the Yacht Club. Without the dredging work, the harbour would silt up and return to its former state of mud flats, which would be a sad loss of an important local amenity that benefits not just Seaton, but also the wider East Devon area.

There will be breaks in dredging activity over the Christmas holidays and during the February half term break. The disposal area will move gradually westwards as works progress before the project is finally completed in March 2018.

East Devon District Council is actively working with the harbour management company, Axe Yacht Club and various licensing bodies to look at alternative ways of disposing silt from the harbour as part of the Seaton Beach Management Plan. This could include disposal of the silt offshore or onto lower areas of the beach to allow it to be washed away more freely. Any option needs to be acceptable to the various land and marine based environmental regulators, as well as being economically viable for the continued operation of Axmouth Harbour.

Councillor Marcus Hartnell, East Devon District Council’s deputy portfolio holder for the environment and ward member for Seaton, said:

Axmouth Harbour provides a great local facility for Seaton and East Devon and allows people to come and enjoy our beautiful coastline. These works are an essential part of making sure those facilities continue to be available.