The Government is bringing into force a requirement for councils to prepare a Brownfield Register.  The register will help house builders identify potentially suitable brownfield sites for development.  East Devon is one of a number of pilot authorities chosen across the country for the government’s new Brownfield Register.  We have prepared a pilot Brownfield Register that includes sites that have planning permission, or are allocations in the adopted Local Plan.  In due course the register will be extended to include relevant sites that are submitted through our forthcoming Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment or appropriate sites which might otherwise be identified.  This work will help inform future government policy and guidance for the preparation of brownfield sites registers.

All sites included on the pilot register have been provisionally assessed as meeting the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) definition of previously developed land (brownfield land).

To be considered suitable for housing, sites must meet the definition of brownfield land and be:

  • Available;
  • In a suitable location for housing (in accordance with policies in the adopted Local Plan and the NPPF) and free from constraints that cannot be mitigated;
  • Viable and capable of being delivered within 5 years or developed later on (e.g. between 6 and 10 years); and
  • Capable of supporting five or more dwellings or more than 0.25 hectares.

Status of sites

The pilot Brownfield Register does not affect the status of sites that already have planning permission or are allocated in the adopted Local Plan for development.  The inclusion of other sites on the pilot Brownfield Register does not give them any formal status, or grant permission in principle, or in any sense infer that planning permission will be granted for development. The pilot Brownfield Register will be subject to periodic review and it is stressed that it currently exists in a working draft form and not all site data is complete.  Through ongoing refinement further sites will be added and others may be dropped off.

The working draft register can be viewed here.