We have produced a draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) relating to ‘Planning Obligations’.

The SPD will provide clarity to developers, decision makers, stakeholders and local communities regarding the basis on which planning obligations will be sought when considering planning applications in East Devon. In the form of a legal agreement, planning obligations are secured to ensure that development mitigates the impacts of, and provides for the requirements arising from, development in a sustainable way.

The SPD details the obligations that may be required from different types and amounts of development and sets out the basis on which the level of obligation will be calculated, where appropriate. It complements and provides further guidance to the policy approach set out in the District Council’s East Devon Local Plan (Adopted January 2016) and will assist in securing the provision of high quality, sustainable new development supported by appropriate infrastructure provision. The SPD forms a material planning consideration in the determination of planning applications and will ensure that decisions are made in a consistent way.

The SPD also adds detail to Strategy 50 of the East Devon Local Plan which addresses Infrastructure Delivery.

You are invited to make comments on the draft Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document and any of the documents that support it as listed below:

The feedback we receive on this draft document will be used to inform any subsequent revisions.

You can comment:

by email at

or by post to: Planning Policy, East Devon District Council, The Knowle, Station Road, Sidmouth, EX10 8HL

All comments should be received by Monday 16 January 2017 so that they can be taken into account before the next stage. Comments will be available to view on our website. Respondents names and addresses are not confidential.