East Devon District Council is preparing a Villages Plan 2016 and a report on this is due to be considered by the Strategic Planning Committee on 12 July 2016.  Details of the draft plan that will be considered for public consultation at that meeting together with the supporting documents is available at Villages Plan Summer 2016 consultation.

The draft Villages Plan 2016 builds upon previous work undertaken on Proposed Criteria for Revised Built-up Area Boundaries.

Work started on the villages Plan in 2012 and a draft plan was consulted on in January 2014, just prior to form hearing sessions on the East Devon Local Plan 2013-2031.  Further work undertaken on the Local Plan to take account of the Inspector's comments fundamentally changed the scope and purpose of the Villages Plan and has informed the draft 2016 Villages Plan.  The Villages Plan 2014 and supporting work may be viewed in the Villages Plan 2014 library.