Stage 2

Use the composite table below to work out what your affordable housing contribution is per unit

Market area25%50%




East of Exeter



Ottery St Mary









 Stage 3

Having worked out what your affordable housing contribution is per unit times this by the number of units in your scheme.

This includes situations where there is a requirement for less than a whole dwelling.

Vacant building credit

If your scheme reuses vacant land or buildings, please contact us directly as your scheme may be eligible  for a vacant building credit against the affordable housing requirements.

Affordable Housing Contributions and Viability

Where an applicant has concerns over the viability of a scheme and believes the scheme is unable to meet the policy requirements for affordable housing (be it as on-site provision or a commuted sum), they should discuss this with the planning team (providing the appropriate viability assessments) and consideration may be given to reducing the proportion of affordable housing required. Substitution of on-site provision with a financial contribution does not affect viability.

There are two important principles underlying the use of the CSC:

  • First - the developer of a scheme should be no worse or better off financially, whether they provide the affordable housing on site or as a commuted sum.
  • Second - the scheme being considered is viable for the % of affordable housing being tested. If this is not the case, the % of affordable housing sought should be adjusted BEFORE calculating the commuted sum to be paid.

Guidance note 1: viability negotiations - information required

Guidance note 2: using viability appraisals in planning

If you require a draft Unilateral Undertaking template, to submit with your application, please email and we will aim to reply to you within 5 working days with a draft template. Please include the site address, number of dwellings, house types, number of bedrooms and your Land Registry DN number (if you have one) in your email.

For applications that require on-site provision of affordable housing, this will need to be secured through a Section 106 Agreement that the Council signs up to.