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Policy Street name and numbering policy

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4. Naming streets and numbering houses

Section 64 of The Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847 requires Councils to ensure houses and buildings are "marked with numbers as they think fit". We also have a responsibility to make sure that the street names are displayed. Should any person destroy, deface or put up another number or name other than the official one, then that person shall be liable to a fine under the provisions of Criminal Justice Act 1982 for every such offence.

While we are the authority for naming streets, in practice we follow the recommendation of the Town or Parish Council, as long as it meets the naming criteria.

Property developers may also suggest names for new streets. These will be received by us and checked against our criteria, then forwarded to the Town or Parish Council for consideration.

The Town or Parish Council will consider the name and may approve, otherwise they may suggest their own. We will follow the suggestion of the Town or Parish Council as long as it meets the naming criteria. In cases where their suggestion does not meet the criteria a decision will be made by a Corporate Director in conjunction with the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Development Control Committee.

All costs for the erection of signs for new streets will be borne by the property developer. There is a specification for the signs and their locations and we must be contacted for advice.

Maintenance of street signs becomes our responsibility once a street has been adopted.

It is not lawful to erect a street nameplate until the street name has been confirmed in writing by the District Council.

Note: Contravention attracts a fine under the provisions of the Criminal Justice Act 1982 (Section 37(2) Standard Scale Level 1 offences). A daily penalty rate also applies in this case.