Please note that Otter Rotter's garden waste collections are operating a greatly reduced service. This will have an impact on collections and we would currently advise customers to look at an alternative method of garden waste disposal.
This could include taking your green waste to a local recycling centre for disposal (Devon County Council's recycling centres and tips website.
You may also find a local private gardening business that is able to dispose of your green waste.
East Devon District Council are working with Otter Rotters in an attempt to restore collections as soon possible and will update the website with any developments.


We are working in partnership with Otter Rotters, a not-for-profit organisation, collecting garden waste from residents in East Devon.

The service is offered on a pay per use basis, with all the garden waste being recycled sustainably in a traditional windrow system. 

You can contact Otter Rotters by telephone on 01404 549055, by email - or via the Otter Rotters website.

How the scheme works

  1. Buy a reusable Otter Rotter garden bag for £5.50 from authorised outlets
  2. Buy tags - each tag allows one garden waste bag to be emptied
  3. On collection day put your bags out on the kerbside with the right number of tags, under a good sized stone
  4. The collection crew will empty your bags, collect the tags and place the stone into your bag to stop it blowing away

Otter Rotters can collect grass, bush and hedge clippings, branches and leaves.

Please do not overfill the bag as the collection crew will not be able to lift it onto the vehicle.