Great-grandad Alan, 85, and his wife Eulalie love living in Exmouth, and are always impressed at how clean and tidy the town's streets are.

And Alan believes that's all to do with how people deal with their rubbish. He said:

There's nothing worse than seeing litter and rubbish around the streets. We have a service where we can recycle the litter and rubbish and I think it's up to everyone to use it properly.

They're both keen recyclers and have welcomed the opportunity to recycle more as part of the extended recycling trials.

Alan added:

Being able to recycle is no problem and it's silly not to do it. You have to be a bit more organised, but it becomes a natural thing to do after a few days.

The recycling officers at East Devon have been so helpful with the trial and we have seen them walking around the streets answering people's questions. They've come to us too and given us lots of tips of how we can waste less and recycle more.

It's working fine for us. I'm glad we're doing something a bit extra. If we don’t do anything, the area will suffer with all the waste and I don’t want that for my grandchildren.