Kara Mundy is the first to admit that she struggled with her rubbish and recycling before the trials were introduced. Yet, within a few weeks of the trials being introduced, Kara is now a keen supporter of the changes which mean she can recycle more and waste less.

Kara, who has two young children, said:

I always had so much rubbish and I just couldn’t cope with it. There was never a week where I managed to get the lid of the waste wheelie bin down properly. It was really embarrassing. When the council announced the new trials, I panicked. I even appeared on the BBC Spotlight news before the trials started to say that I wouldn’t be able to cope.

Kara, along with all the residents taking part in the trials, received a leaflet from the council clearly explaining what she could recycle.

I read it very carefully and also spoke to one of the council's recycling team staff who were visiting the street to help people. The officer was great – really helpful.

I’ve become a recycling convert! We can recycle so much more and it’s collected weekly. I can easily put the lid down on my wheelie bin now – and that’s after three week’s worth of rubbish. It’s absolutely fine.

People may say that being able to recycle cardboard and waste shouldn’t make this much difference – but it does. There’s so much cardboard and plastic in packaging these days.

I love the new service. I don’t want it to go back to how it was before and that’s what I told the BBC TV crew when they came back three weeks later to find out how I had got on with the trials.