Zoe and her daughters Paige, 10 and seven-year-old  Francesca, have got into a great routine when it comes to their weekly recycling.

Each of them is responsible for collecting certain items for recycling and putting them out each week.

Zoe said:

The girls are very keen on recycling so when the trials were announced we went to the Council's roadshow in August to find out more. We decided that it wouldn't just be left to one person to recycle our waste and we would all take responsibility for it.

It's working out really well. We love the fact that we can recycle more. What used to go into our waste bins – such as yoghurt pots and meat trays – goes out for recycling now.

It’s a real transformation. Our waste bin is virtually empty and our recycling bin and bag is overflowing every week.

My girls love jumping on the recycling to squash it down.