Eight million disposable nappies are thrown away every day in the UK and 90 per cent go to landfill.

Cut your household rubbish by up to half and help the environment by choosing real nappies.

Why choose real nappies?

Save cash:
Real nappies can cost much less than disposables, saving up to £500 for your first baby. Reuse your real nappies for a second baby and save even more money. Visit Money Saving Expert for some price comparisons.

Health benefits:
Disposable nappies are made of super-absorbent chemicals, paper pulp, plastics and adhesives, while real nappies let your child’s skin breathe in natural fibres. Real nappies also widen your child’s hips, therefore making them stronger as they're growing. Babies using washable nappies also tend to potty train earlier than those in disposables.

From pre-folds to quick-fastening Velcro, there are a wide range of real nappy types to choose from so you can select the best style for you and your baby. There are also lots of colours and designs to choose from.

Find a routine that suits you. If using them full-time, buying 24 real nappies will mean you are only washing every third day. You can store nappies prior to washing either in a lidded nappy bucket or in a waterproof bag and there's no need to soak. Washing at 40°C is enough to sterilise nappies - there is no need for a boil wash.

Disposable nappies create huge amounts of waste and can take up to 500 years to rot away in landfill. Real nappies create less waste and by following these simple tips you can help reduce their environmental impact even more:

  • use a biodegradable washing detergent and don't use fabric softener
  • use low temperature detergents
  • check the label as some nappies can even be washed at 30°C
  • buy enough nappies to wash in full loads
  • air dry rather than tumble dry where possible
  • buy electricity on a green tariff