Estuaryside covers the area stretching from the boat store north of the railway station to Camperdown Creek, including Exmouth Rugby Club’s current leased site.  It does not affect Imperial Recreation Ground.

Regeneration plans include the potential for a range of mixed use developments – including a food store, niche retail, business units, residential and community facilities.

One of the aims is to attract new investment to allow bus, train and taxi services to connect more smoothly and effectively with cars and pedestrians.

There is a great opportunity to provide better links (walkways, road crossings, signage) for pedestrians between Estuaryside and the rest of the town centre.

At Camperdown Creek, we have worked with Exmouth Sea Cadets to provide a site for their new headquarters.  This has secured planning permission and lease terms have been agreed.

We are working with the Environment Agency on improved flood defence measures across the whole town, but particularly at Estuaryside.  

It remains highly likely that a new food store would be an important part of Estuaryside improvements because:

  • By allowing a food store to locate at Estuaryside, this will provide much of the private finance needed for many other important changes and developments.
  • When food store operators make a move, it is up to the planning authority to meet their requirements in a way that’s in the best interests of the town.

Exmouth Vision’s challenge is to match the needs of new food store operators with those of other businesses in and visitors to the town centre.  By keeping such a store within the town, we help make sure the increased shopper numbers visit the rest of the town as well.