Overview of Exmouth Vision

Exmouth is a fantastic town in a great location with a wonderful history.

Exmouth also has all the potential for a great future. Its unique seafront and estuary location, relative wealth and skilled workforce are all important elements of 21st century living and working – for people and businesses alike.

Exmouth needs investment to halt a slow but steady decline and transform the town into a vibrant place that uses its environment to its advantage. It needs to strengthen its economy by expanding and diversifying its population and visitor numbers. This can be done through investment in better infrastructure, housing, jobs, retail and leisure provision, tourism services and water access.

‘Exmouth Vision’ is a hybrid public-private partnership driven through close joint working between us, Exmouth Town Council and Devon County Council. Alongside private investors, other public partners such as the Highways and Environment agencies will have an important role to play – as well as, of course, the town’s residents, businesses and visitors.

Priorities for investment and development

  • Estuaryside transformation to create a stunning arrival into Exmouth town centre. This will include a new transport interchange, retail and road improvements. Imperial Recreation Ground will be protected and enhanced. Exmouth Rugby Club will be supported to re-locate. Camperdown Creek regeneration will be closely connected to this work.
  • There will be major investment in the seafront, from a new hotel on the former Elizabeth Hall site down to Queen's Drive: some improved attractions, some new attractions, greater buzz, more to do for residents and visitors alike.
  • Pierhead and Mamhead enhancements.
  • Town centre improvements will continue, to include completing work at The Strand and attracting a wider range of shops. There will be improved signage throughout the town.
  • Protect and enhance The Maer and complete work at Orcombe Point.

There are other development opportunities and other projects, although those that inevitably rely on public sector funding are unlikely to happen soon owing to current budget restraints.

Background to Exmouth Vision

Exmouth Vision has its roots in the Exmouth Town Centre and Seafront Masterplan, funded by the project partners and carried out by LDA Design consultants in 2010 and 2011.

Many of the vision’s proposals - such as transforming the entry point to the town and the future of some seafront attractions - have been the subject of keen debate and discussion in the town for many years. The current priorities have emerged from over a year’s worth of workshops, study and consultation in the town involving many groups, businesses and individuals.

Exmouth Vision will be managed tightly by us following our investment of £700,000 to support the major redevelopment projects. While ultimately progress of Exmouth Vision is the responsibility of the cabinet, Exmouth councillors have been involved in all the proposals and decisions.

The Exmouth Regeneration Programme Board, made up of representatives from all the main partners, is the central body for shaping progress in the years ahead and ensuring all views are taken on board.