Have you heard of the Community Waffle House in Axminster? If you don’t know, you should certainly get to know!

The Community Waffle House is a not-for-profit café and community space that aims to tackle loneliness through social interaction and good food (Belgian waffles to be precise!)

An image of the waffles the Waffle House serve

As well as serving breakfast, hot drinks and sweet treats, the Waffle House also functions as a community space to host a variety of groups including mental health support groups and homelessness support groups. It can accommodate up to 65 people, including dogs, and there’s even community hot desking for remote workers.

With the space becoming more popular, the team at the Community Waffle House were on the hunt for new ways to spruce up the place. That’s where we were able to help. We awarded the Waffle House a Small Community Grant of £500 which was put towards the purchase of second-hand or re-purposed furniture to replace their old furniture.

Inside the Community Waffle House

We’ve been in touch with the team a year later to check in on the community space. We are delighted to report that both the business and community systems are stronger than ever before. The Waffle House is now the venue for over 30 regular groups and clubs as well as the host of over 40 professionals each week in the work-space area. They’ve even opened a second space in Seaton!

Our Small Community Grants are all about supporting and giving back to our local community and the Waffle House is an example of just that. If you’re ever in or around Axminster or Seaton, please pop in and show your support – and if you haven’t tried their waffles yet, you must!

To find out more about the Community Waffle House’s mission, please click here.

The Waffle House staff wearing 'keep calm and waffle on' uniform