Lady Mary Courtenay's Goosefield Millennium Green is used by many local people as a safe space to meet with friends and family outdoors, but it once had just one bench which was in desperate need of repair.

To help, we awarded Goosefield Millennium Green with a Small Community Grant of £450 to purchase new picnic tables and benches.

New picnic tables at Goosefield Millennium Green

Since the addition of new seating in March 2022, the garden has been used more than ever before! There’s village celebrations, the annual apple pressing event which takes place every October as well as various outdoor events put on by the local drama group. All these events generate a small income and help to put the garden on the map, resulting in more visitors.

We went to see the green space over the summer and are delighted to report that the new benches have been a great success! The donors of the original bench in the garden even offered to replace their ageing damaged bench with a new one too.

Bench replaced by donor.

What a brilliant outcome from our Small Community Grant and if you’re near the area*, be sure to pop in and enjoy the vast green space.

*Exton, EX3 0PN.

The Goosefield garden in Exton