EDDC Relocation Document Release October 2016 – March 2017

The papers in this seventh phase of our project document archive cover the period from October 2016 – March 2017. There are some document redactions to reflect continued and specific sensitivity and the need for confidentiality. This is primarily to protect the commercial confidence of third party interests, not the Council itself. Any documents which cannot yet be published for this reason will be published once their sensitivity and the need for confidentiality has reduced.

This information should be largely viewed in the context of a historical record and audit trail.

Officer working group agenda 251016

Officer Working group minutes 251016

Project Executive Meeting agenda 261016

Project Executive meeting minutes 261016

Progress Report 31  311016_redacted

Officer working group agenda 221116

Officer working group minutes 221116

Project Executive meeting agenda 071216

Project executive meeting minutes 071216

Progress report 32 011116_redacted

Officer working group agenda 240117

Officer working group minutes 240117

Project executive meting agenda 250117

Project executive meeting minutes 250117

Progress Report  33 010117_redacted

Officer working group minutes 210217

Project executive meeting agenda 220217

Project executive meeting minutes 220217

Project report 34

Project executive meeting agenda 220317

Project executive meeting minutes 220317

Project report 35