EDDC Relocation Past Document Release 2009 - 2013

In delivering its commitment to publish key relocation documents EDDC is now in a position to put online the historical documents linked below.  Some of these have been considered confidential in the past to reflect their sensitivity and to protect third party confidentiality in the progress of the Council’s relocation planning.  The Council has previously made clear its commitment to release documents following on from its formal decision to sell the Knowle Site and relocate its offices to Honiton and Exmouth.  This process is now underway.

Whilst most of the documents are published in their entirety, in a very few places they contain redactions to reflect a continued and specific sensitivity and need for continued confidentiality.  In particular we are protecting the commercial confidence of third party interests, not the Council itself.  This information should now be largely viewed in the context of a historical record and audit trail.  Elements of the papers reflect general discussions,  and therefore include options considered but not pursued as well as analysis which is now largely out of date. Circumstances have been overtaken by time, changing markets and economic conditions and this must be borne in mind when reviewing this documentation.  Over time the relocation project has moved from considering multiple options to a final decision and from estimates to actuals while the external variables such as operating cost, land values and development costs have also changed over time.  The Council has over recent times been consistently reporting project progress and detail in public reports and debated its decisions on relocation in public and this practice will continue.

The papers in this  first phase cover the period from 2009 - 2013.  We still await the opportunity to publish the specific reports from within this timescale that are subject to the timetable and final decision of the Information Tribunal.  When that process has concluded we will add the relevant reports to this collection.  In the meantime you will see a line (without a hyperlink) in the attached chronology of documents identifying where the document will go when released and its title.

As outlined, we will continue to publish further documents relating to our relocation in the future.


Richard Cohen

Deputy Chief Executive

03/12/2009 - Strategy Report – Alder king

14/10/2010 - Executive Board report

06/04/2011 - Office accommodation working party

02/02/2011 - Office accommodation working party

13/07/2011 - Cabinet report

07/09/2011 - Cabinet report

19/10/2011 - Member office accommodation working party

29/11/2011 - Member office accommodation working party

30/11/2011 - Cabinet minutes and report

31/01/2012 - Member office accommodation working party

07/03/2012 - Cabinet report

27/03/2012 - Member office accommodation working party

02/05/2012 - Cabinet minutes

02/05/2012 - Cabinet report

21/05/2012 - Project report no 1

30/05/2012 - Member office accommodation working party

05/07/2012 - Project report no 2

18/08/2012 - Member office accommodation working party

20/08/2012 - Project report no 3

20/08/2012 - Cabinet report

05/09/2012 - Cabinet report

05/09/2012 - Cabinet Minutes

12/09/2012 - Member office accommodation working party

30/10/2012 - Project report no 4

01/11/2012 - Electronic document management system project progress report

07/11/2012 - Member office accommodation working party

31/12/2012 - Project report no 5

31/12/2012 - Project report no 5a

16/01/2013 - Member office accommodation working party

31/01/2013 - Project report no 6

20/02/2013 - Member office accommodation working party