The free East Devon mobile app is now available to download for Iphone users from the Apple App Store and for Android smartphone users from the Google Play Store. Click on the image above to view the mobile app video.

The app enables you to access a variety of council services on your smartphone. Using the app you are able to:

  • Complete 'Report It' forms to notify the council of something such as fly-tipping, a missed collection or a dead animal
  • View when your next refuse and recycling collections are and sign up to receive weekly reminders.
  • View planning applications in your local area
  • View details of your nearest places of interest such as recycling banks, car parks and public toilets
  • View local food hygiene ratings
  • View your local councillor contact details
  • View council contact information
  • View council news stories
  • Read council tweets

If you have any questions or feedback on the app, please email them to