If you are having a BBQ on our beaches please:

  • Use a reuseable BBQ and sustainably sourced charcoal, see a list of local charcoal makers here -  British Charcoal Makers – Devon Charcoal  There are brick built BBQs available for the public to use at the Maer Exmouth and Lime Kiln Budleigh Salterton
  • Make sure your BBQ is raised off the ground safely and that it’s stable and won’t tip over in use
  • Site your BBQ at least 2m from any flammable surface or structure, such as beach huts, grass, picnic blankets etc
  • Keep children away from the BBQ and never leave it unattended
  • Never use petrol  or paraffin to light a BBQ as this can lead to serious injury or even death
  • Never BBQ inside tents or beach huts  as this puts  the occupants  at severe risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • When you are finished with your BBQ put it out and  cool it and the ground under it with sea water, and then dispose of coals and other BBQ waste in the bins provided.
  • Do not bury coals or disposable BBQs as the sand will act as  an insulator and they can stay extremely hot for a long time causing other beach users to burn their feet
  • Be considerate of other beach users, and note that generators, loud speakers, and amplified music are not allowed
  • Remember that for everyone’s safety open fires are not allowed on our beaches