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3. Maintenance Actions

The following maintenance actions have been recommended as a result of the Exmouth Beach Management Plan:

Maintenance Actions


Completion of beach recycling logs by those undertaking works, with logs passed to EDDC, PCO and The Crown Estate. Logs could be supported by pre- and post-beach recycling survey for first one or two recycling campaigns

Beach recycling activity to be recorded with EDDC document management system as necessary

Water quality monitoring to be completed following any beach recycle or recharge

As required

Should defects in defences be identified following a storm event then either implementation of increased defect monitoring or completion of remedial works are to be completed as appropriate

As required

Addressing of defects identified in coastal defence assessment in Appendix A of Exmouth BMP, including maintenance of timber groynes and seawalls

Seawall mortar repairs completed and dilapidated groyne removed.  

Removal of groyne adjacent to Lifeboat slipway

Completed 7th July 2016

Provision of permanent replacement for two sets of temporary access steps as highlighted in Appendix A of Exmouth BMP

New set of wooden beach access steps installed by new RNLI building in November. Other set of steps pending replacement.

Beach and coastal defence works to be completed outside of peak holiday season, weekends and public holidays where possible

As required

Implementation of following measures during maintenance works:

  • Restrictions on beach access and alternative routes provided during works
  • Banksman and signage to be employed with each machine in use during works
  • Information boards should be displayed for duration of works
  • Notification of works and contact details to be provided to parties outlined in the Exmouth BMP

As required