Guide Exmouth BMP Action Plan

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1. Management Actions

The following management actions have been recommended as a result of the Exmouth Beach Management Plan:

Management Actions


Undertake a review of the BMP in 5 years’ time

To be included in EDDC plans, and Environment Agency Medium Term Plan

Establish a funding partnership to ensure future flood and coastal erosion risk management in Exmouth are delivered in the way preferred by the local community and can be implemented when required

Initial discussions ongoing with Environment Agency

Determine if a Marine License is required for beach recycling and if so, secure this well in advance of works

Initial discussions ongoing with the Marine Management Organisation

Consideration given to movement of sediment from depleted sand dunes towards Orcombe Point, involving necessary stakeholders, the local community and the Marine Management Organisation.

Sand dunes are presently depleted, sand blown onto road during storm conditions used to replenish the beach towards Orcombe Point

Ensure the monitoring of Exmouth frontage and near shore as part of the Dawlish Warren Beach Recharge Scheme

Representations made to Dawlish Project Team, EDDC to be included in annual reviews to discuss observed changes