Guide CCMA: Frequently Asked Questions

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15. Where are the places most at risk of coast change?

Generally the new maps show more variation than the Shoreline Management Plan in the extent of areas potentially affected by coastal change. This means that some areas that are not shown to be affected in the SMP are now included in the area at risk and some of the areas shown to be at risk in the SMP are not included in the new mapping. It is important to note that the new maps for cliff erosion include a ten metre ‘buffer’ inland of the predicted coastal change and all references to places refer to the land within this buffer.

Areas that are predicted to experience less erosion than the SMP maps include:

  • The section of coast from Seaton to Lyme Regis.
  • Much of the coast west of Highcliffe close in Seaton, through Beer to the east of Branscombe mouth; and
  • The majority of the coast from Branscombe mouth to the cliffs east of Sidmouth (roughly south of ‘Southdown’.

Areas where more erosion is predicted in the new maps compared to the SMP are:

  • In Seaton including some properties accessed off Beer Road and the Highcliffs Close area;
  • Two small areas either side of Branscombe mouth; and
  • Land in Sidmouth east of the River Sid including properties accessed off Cliff Road, Beatlands Road, Southway, Laskeys Lane and Alma Road.